“ I’m alive because of Ester Road community”

I cannot forget the face of a young Muslim male who was one of the first people to assist and another lady who kept calling me to make sure that I do not slip into unconsciousness

Umdoni Municipality is not an open charity house

We are bound to see a serious accident-taking place one of these days. I appeal to the Umdoni Protection Services to take action by bringing the speeding offenders to book, as they don’t want to observe the set speed limit.

Good performance and corruption cannot co-exist

The positive that comes out of our current demise, is that ordinary citizens and some leaders are beginning to find their voices. Courage is infectious and we owe it to the next generation to stand up for what is good and proper.

Drugs in Riverside is one of the most serious problems facing Umzinto

There is a need for the police to keep a vigilant watch to deal with the menacing suppliers of drugs in Umzinto before the drug industry destroys the youth and the adults in Umzinto, and there are many hundreds. I am really shocked to know many of them, and they are not confined to one racial group only.

A close shave

I had to do some bush whacking to avoid a collision.

Modern technology and us

There is a moral force, which, as the human race advances more and more strengthens and protects those who posses it.

Child Protection Week May/June

The majority of perpetrators involved in abuse are people who are very closely related to, or connected to, the victims of abuse.