Tribute to Beverly Irene Subramoney

Irene had a passion for knitting, crocheting, arranging flowers. She will forever be remembered for her infectious smile and her love for Jesus, and her reprimanding, because she always wanted to do what was right.

Corruption appears to be instinctive in South Africa

How and when will we see corruption stamped out? Will we ever see that day? In many cases, theft and bribery are running into thousands or millions of rand. This was never the case in South Africa in the past. Dishonesty is rife among government officials, and it seems, there is no-one at the top to monitor anyone.

The best holiday

We then stopped at the Pick ‘n Pay for drinks and mother’s mandatory bottle of red wine, and off we went. Excitement levels went up as we got onto the bumpy dirt road. It’s a challenging drive and feels like a rollercoaster-ride.

South Africa has been reduced to a third-rate country

Children today are undisciplined. They behave in a disgraceful manner, showing little or no respect for anyone, especially their elders. Some of them, aged between 10 and 16 are often seen smoking, abusing drugs and using fool language.