“Lavish funeral costs” to cause huge ripples

The matter of the alleged exorbitant costs incurred during the funeral of late Councillor Devet Cele, for which the Municipality is required to bear the cost has come under the spotlight.

The original amount agreed by Council was limited to a maximum of R50 000 for the service. Ugu apparently contributed an amount of R 25 000. The recent resolution to write off further funeral expenses amounting to R261 000 was apparently not supported by Councillor Baptie of the DA as the amount expended was unauthorised and not budgeted for.

“Officials cannot go about spending ratepayers’ money without thinking about it,” said Councillor Baptie.

“Going forward there has to be a policy direction in these matters,” said Mayor Dube. With no intention of being disrespectful to the late Councillor, members of the general public are bound to react with anger as ratepayer’s have to pay for the astronomically high funeral costs.

“With the current financial strain felt by all sectors of the community, this type of unauthorised expenditure is the oxygen that feeds the beliefs of those who are highly critical of the management of the Municipality,” said a community leader.

Will Umdoni heed the Auditor General’s recent assessment that two thirds of the Municipalities are in financial trouble?

MSCRS Reporter

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