Youth Day celebrated with national anthem in Tamil

Youth Day celebrated with national anthem in Tamil
Students Neleshinie Naidoo, Mercia Pillay, Keroshini Iyer, Deshan Naidoo (producer), Devan Nair (Educator), Nalisha Rambatchan, Talia Chelsea Moodley, Lecricia Govender, Dhivashni Govender, James Brown and Siyanda Mhlaba (Assistant Producer).

Learners studying Tamil at the Umkomaas Secondary School took their learning to a higher level when they recorded a video showcasing their singing of the South African National Anthem in Tamil.

This milestone was made possible by their innovative Tamil teacher Mr Devan Nair who wrote the lyrics some two years ago. James Brown is enjoying learning the language and excelled to the extent that he, together with fellow learner Keroshini Iyer, shared the Tamil Best Student Award last year.

Nair, with the help of Deshan Naidoo, owner of Styler Music Production, recorded the video which will be released to honour Youth Day celebrations.

The group performed live on Lotus FM when they were interviewed by radio presenter Mala Lutchmanan on her show on Youth Day, Friday, June 16.

MSCRS Reporter

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