Excessive speed main cause of accidents

Last week’s local newspapers carried extensive reports of two accidents in Scottburgh. The one accident at the Mtunzi Park 3-way stop, resulted in several people being injured. Seeing the evidence in the photographs of the scene, it is a miracle that there were any survivors. The tow truck driver was apparently speeding to the scene of an accident that happened at the top end of Cordiner Street where it meets Scott Street.

Video footage of this accident appeared on Facebook and, to me, it seemed as though the driver who was speeding up Cordiner Street towards Scott Street, was intent on getting out of town as fast as possible. Maybe he was driving a car that had just been stolen!

CCTV footage reveals that there is a vehicle parked at the stop street before entering Scott Street.

The out-of-control vehicle comes up from behind, travelling at an incredible speed, certainly much, much faster than 70 km per hour, swings to the right to avoid the vehicle waiting to enter Scott Street and, upon entering Scott Street, crashes into a car heading north. Both these accidents were caused by excessive speed in a built-up area, and failing to stop at a stop street. It was reported that the authorities are investigating cases of reckless and negligent driving.

I have often expressed my opinion of the law and, as a layman, not always understanding the ramifications of the legal profession, I have quoted, on occasions, that “the law is an ass” (Mr Bumble in Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist 1838).

Anyone firing at another, whether or not injury results from this action, is likely to be charged with attempted murder. Yes, even defending yourself, your family and possessions against intruders, in this fashion, run the risk of so being charged.

Driving any vehicle with extreme negligence and purposely exceeding the speed restrictions by a wide margin and not observing road sign, is not only guilty of reckless and negligent driving but he should be charged with attempted murder!

Is a vehicle that weighs hundreds of kilograms less dangerous than a firearm? I was in Pennington for this past week and had taken my road bike for company, since I have no vehicle at the moment, thanks to the affirmative seen on CCTV a month ago. The R102 in this area has a lovely smooth surface, hence my preference for the road bike.

On my first excursion, I ventured out on my bike to familiarise myself with the bike as I had not ridden it for many months. I decided to explore Pennington instead of competing with the R102 traffic for my first outing.

Apart from Pennington Drive, which is a delight to ride on, the rest of the roads in the village are horrendous. I had to swerve continually to avoid the potholes to prevent any damage to the thin road bike tyres.

I ventured towards the Umdoni Park Golf Course, stopped at the boom gate, and returned along Minerva Avenue. Swerving all over the road to avoid the potholes, any motorist must have thought that I had spent too long a time hydrating myself at the Umdoni Golf Clubhouse.

The truth is, I was as sober as a judge, excluding Judge Nkola Motata, of course!

Henry Parsons

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