Young offenders given heavy sentences

Three young males between the ages of 22 and 25 years, were sentenced to long terms in prison after being found guilty on three different charges. Thulani Mngadi and Ndumiso Mbutho were found guilty of what Magistrate Maboee described as cold-blooded murder, for which they will serve 20 years, and attempted robbery, for which they will serve 8 years, to run concurrently with the murder sentence.

Mavela Gumede was found guilty of possession of an illegal firearm and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Magistrate Maboee said that although he did not wish to criticise the prosecution’s case, he felt that all three should have been charged with possession of the firearm and all three should have been charged with attempted murder, because the deceased’s girlfriend had been hit by a car as she fled the scene of the shooting.

He also said that Mbutho should have been charged with the theft of the firearm, because if he had not stolen the weapon in the first place, this crime would not have taken place.

In determining sentence, Magistrate Maboee said that he had taken into account that all three were classed as young offenders and had no previous convictions. However, he had to take into account the fact that the crime was premeditated, that they had specifically decided to use the firearm to rob residents in Park Rynie, and that they had shot the first person they had encountered, even though he had already surrendered the bag they wished to steal.

Furthermore, the court took into consideration the fact that the deceased’s parents were elderly and had been relying on their son to support them once he had completed his studies.

This would now never happen.

All three were granted leave to appeal within 14 working days.

MSCRS Reporter

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