Court Round-up


Convicted rapist Christopher Shozi appeared in Regional Court 5 for sentencing on Thursday, August 3. Much to the presiding magistrate’s annoyance, the pre-sentencing report was not before the court and the sentencing had to be postponed to September 19.

• A female charged with assaulting another female, who, she claimed, had sworn at her, arrived in court one and a half hours late. A warrant for her arrest had already been issued and the witness dismissed. The magistrate reprimanded the accused for wasting the court’s time and costing the court money in that the witness has to be recompensed every time she is summonsed to appear in court. The case was remanded to August 16.


• A 23 year old male from the Umkomaas area, pleaded guilty to possession of 1g of dagga. He told the court that he was supposed to start work on the day of his court appearance, but had been kept overnight in the police cells because he could not afford to pay bail. After the magistrate had admonished him to give up the drug, he was cautioned and discharged. Four days later, he reappeared in court on a charge of housebreaking. This time he was remanded in custody pending a bail application hearing on August 11. A foreign male and a local female appeared on charges of dealing in cocaine. Both were remanded in custody pending a formal bail application on August 11.


• A well-known figure in Umkomaas appeared in the Scottburgh Magistrates’ Court on a charge of malicious damage to property. He told the magistrate that he was not aware of any damage having been caused, but he admitted that there had been a lot of noise at the time of the incident. His case was remanded to August 15.

• A gang of 7 males from KwaCele appeared on a charge of tearing down a fence. Their case was remanded to August 17.

• The mentally disturbed young male charged with causing malicious damage to a motor vehicle and to two businesses in Scott Street, Scottburgh Central, appeared in court for the second time. He was remanded in custody until August 7. The man is currently undergoing psychiatric observation to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.


A 27 year old father of one appeared on a charge of shoplifting at Scottburgh Checkers. He was remanded in custody pending the payment of R300 bail. He will reappear on August 25.


A 67 year old pensioner pleaded guilty to a charge of transporting schoolchildren without a permit. He was fined R400 as that was the only money he had with him.


• A young woman who had had a warrant of arrest issued for failure to appear in court, forfeited her R200 bail as a result of her non-appearance. She claimed that she had not been aware that her failure to appear was a criminal offence. She was warned to appear again on September 1. A male who also failed to appear forfeited his R1 500 bail. A warrant for his arrest has been issued.

• A 30 year old father of 2 from Amandawe, pleaded guilty to possession of 4 rounds of live ammunition. Magistrate Botha stated that his offence was a serious one, given the prevalence of crimes committed using unlicensed firearms and ammunition. The accused was fined R4 000 or 8 months in prison, of which R3 000 or 6 months in prison was suspended for 5 years.

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