Tribute to Beverly Irene Subramoney

Beverly Irene Subramoney.

Beverly Irene Subramoney was born in Sezela to Mr. Immanuel Abel (Potty) and Mrs. Rita Abel on the 12th of March 1965. The scene was set; the baby was about to be born. In the Abel household, discussions are taking place about adoption. My mother is carrying her third child. Two of our family members, my uncle and aunt wanted to adopt this child to be a sister to their only child. Agreements were made.

This was going to be a special one but on 12th March, when my father saw her, she captured his heart. He said, “I cannot give my child away. She looks just like me. She has my complexion, she’s my child.” She was named Beverly Irene Immanuel, after the 2 female American missionaries who lived in Sezela with the Indians; ministering the gospel of Jesus. They were sister Beverly Quick and sister Irene Lovelady.

These 2 missionaries were known for teaching the bible passionately and they spoke the Indian languages. The greatest fisherman we knew was my father and in those days it was an honour to be his bag boy.

Irene became his bag carrier. She would take the fine broom and dust the tackle before going fishing. Later on, I came along and fulfilled that role. She ushered me into that position.

She said:

1) You must be on the beach before sunrise and must make a fire.

2) Stay put; don’t wander off.

3) Dig a hole. When daddy catches shad, you must cover them up so that they don’t dry up.

4) When the sardines come follow him, closely. When he hooks a big one, dig a deep hole, cover the fish and the tail must stick out. Keep doing this so that when the sardines move away and you are walking back, you know where your fish are.

Irene was left-handed. She attended Sezela Primary School and later Umzinto Secondary School, where she matriculated and also during that time earned her Natal Championship Colours in athletics. Irene was an athlete.

She represented the South Coast at Curries Fountain stadium many times. She was a sprinter. On 13 April 1985, Irene married Orgie Subramoney. Our house was 40 metres away from Orgie’s house.

The entire street celebrated. God blessed this union with 2 beautiful children, namely Augustine Augine and Anthea Andrea. Irene was a hardworking woman who worked at the teddy bear factory, CNA and was currently employed at Twice As Nice Coffee Shop in Scottburgh. Together with aunty Reena they didn’t just cook and serve customers, they built relationships.

Irene had a passion for knitting, crocheting, arranging flowers. She will forever be remembered for her infectious smile and her love for Jesus, and her reprimanding, because she always wanted to do what was right.

I call her the repremander in the family. She would ask questions like, “Where were you on the Lord’s Day?” or “Is this the time to arrive at your own grandfathers funeral?” She leaves behind a host of family and friends.

Written by Mark Sean Immanuel. (Her only brother)

Submitted by her son, Augustine Augine Subramoney.

*Shortened – Editor

Mark Sean Immanuel

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