Long wait at Umzinto Clinic irks patients

Ismail Moolla

It is alleged that nursing staff, instead of getting on with their jobs, are making patients wait too long. The patients need to be treated so that they can leave, as some of them need to get back to work, but they find that some of the nurses are busy laughing, talking loudly, or having tea, and simply taking it casually.

There are also some nurses who are ill-mannered and nasty or rude to patients, behaving in an undignified manner.

Some nurses go shopping at the nearby Bhai Plaza, when they should be attending to patients, giving them the service that they expect. I don’t suppose there is anyone of higher authority at the clinic to oversee the anomalies that exist, and even if there were someone, the person must be superior to the nurses.

I intend to raise this matter with the KZN Health Department and ask that an investigation is carried out.

The investigators should interview patients to get to the bottom of their complaints. Some patients have vowed not to attend the Umzinto Clinic, until there are signs of improvement. The nurses should be proud that they are in a profession that takes care of the sick.

Why are they shrugging off their duties? Come on, Umzinto Clinic staff, pull up your socks and walk tall by proudly providing your services to sick patients with a smile.

Let patients feel that they are welcome at the clinic.

It has been noted recently that sugar cane and wattle-carrying trucks are driving through the Umzinto CBD causing much congestion on the roads, when they could drive freely via the Ixopo Road.

There is no need for the trucks to be driven through the town, especially the heavily loaded sugar cane trucks coming from the West, leaving a trail of sugar cane along the road.

The cane sometimes remains on the road for days without the Umdoni Municipality workers removing it, as if, to say, it is not our job. Umdoni must take note of this. This cannot go on.

The Ugu District Municipality recently received two awards, the Premier’ Service Excellence Award for being the best- run municipality and that of the Best Municipal Manager in the Province.

The award for the best municipal manager was duly presented to DD Naidoo, a former woodwork teacher who was once Municipal Manager of Umdoni Municipality, and is now Ugu’s municipal manager.

He was partly responsible, with Umdoni’s suspended municipal manager Xolani Luthuli, for Umzinto’s decay. It is all very well to say that Ugu is the best- run municipality and has the best municipal manager in the Province, but to me it is a joke.

It was claimed by the mayor of Ugu, Cllr Mondli Chiliza, that these awards served as an indication that the municipality was making progress towards improving the lives of the Ugu district communities and that it was encouraging to receive such awards, as a testimony to the municipality’s efforts.

What is claimed by Chiliza is nonsense.

I don’t understand how Ugu could be honoured as the best-run municipality when there are so many complaints. I ask the question, has a physical investigation been undertaken by the Premiers office? I don’t believe so. The premier should see the service provided in Umzinto by Ugu with water and sewage running down the streets.

Recently there was a sewage leak and work was undertaken by Ugu. It took them days to repair the leak and after the work was completed, the CBD section of the road was never reinstated, let alone cordoned off. As a result, a donga situation exists.

This is just one of the many testimonies of Ugu.

It is not providing a better life for the Umzinto community. The Premier’s office sees everything presented on paper, but nothing is really investigated.

It is time the KZN Premier, Willies Mchunu, and Ugu’s mayor Chiliza came to Umzinto to see for themselves the service provided by Ugu, and how rotten Umzinto looks with no services provided by Umdoni.

Holding framed awards and trophies in a snapshot, with smiling faces, won’t help. It is just cheap publicity and I treat the awards with contempt. It is not a true reflection of Ugu, but DD Naidoo will say otherwise. This is what he used to do when he was Umdoni’s municipal manager.

The R612 Park Rynie to Umzinto was resurfaced in sections, but it is totally shabby job. Motorists must have noticed that potholes already reappeared in the road.

It proves that it was just a cheap job that won’t last, although a lot of money must have been paid out and in the process, someone must have made some pocket-money.

This is happening in all national, provincial and local municipalities where prices are usually inflated so that someone can earn pocket-money.

How else can they drive around in BMWs, Mercedes Benzes, etc.

Hats off to Umdoni Traffic and Policing Commander Superintendent Kevin Govender for taking up the issue of tow-truck drivers racing down the main street of Umzinto, whenever an accident occurs, so that they can get the job to tow away a vehicle.

Undoubtedly, the safety of the public and that of motorists is of paramount concern and I am hoping that this matter will be monitored by the Umdoni Traffic Department from time to time.


Ismail M Moolla

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