Well done Sezela Women’s Circle

Seen seated are Cancer officials and standing Sezela Women's Circle Committee Members at the Cuppa for Cancer” morning at the Blue Horizon Club in Sezela on Wednesday, August 2.

The article in the Mid South Coast Rising Sun “Cuppa for Cancer” was heart warming to read. With recession taking a tight grip on the pockets of people everywhere, these gallant ladies hosted a well-attended and successful morning for Cancer.

The Sezela Women’s Circle which hosted the “Cuppa for Cancer” at the Blue Horizon Club in Sezela must be commended. The community of Sezela should be proud of these ladies’ efforts. We are all busy with our lives and seldom take the time to think of the less-fortunate and the sick.

I believe that these committee members, and other roleplayers will be blessed by the Almighty for their noble deeds.

This act of kindness will definitely touch many lives.

I hope the excellent work done by the Sezela Women’s Circle will be an inspiration to others so that they too can host charitable events.

Take a bow ladies, the saying “All the praise in the world is praise of those who give” is so appropriate. May God bless you.

Dhayalan Moodley

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