Hospice robbed one too many times

Fed up: Khanya Hospice Staff sick and tired of the break-ins at the Hospice.

“Enough is enough… no more” this is the attitude of the Khanya Hospice Staff.

Thieves have targeted their offices in Umkomaas three times in one week – stealing the copper pipes. That left us without water and we were not able to use our toilets.

This is just not on. In an effort to get to the copper pipes, they “ripped off” any pipe they saw.

As the Hospice House is over 100 years old, different pipes have been added over the years, including small pieces of copper, but the thieves did not care.

Unfortunately we have the open land of the golf course at the back of our offices which the thieves use as an escape route.

“Khanya Hospice serves a huge community and our services are offered for free. We do not receive government funding, and have to buy whatever we need for patient care out of our own funding and donations.

Now we have to spend our “precious money” to get a plumber to fix the water pipes and to pay for other repairs.

Anyone who wants to assist Hospice can do so by contacting 083-597-8985 or [email protected] Neil McDonald CEO, Khanya Hospice

Neil McDonald

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