Keep your dogs on a lead

As some of you may know, we manage the area referred to as ‘Nkomba: A Site of Conservation Significance’, on behalf of the Municipality. This involves, but is not exclusive to, removing invasive alien plants, keeping the area free of snares, maintaining the forest, wetland, river, etc, including the picnic spot, bird hide, pont, walkways & enviro-loo, preventing dumping and protecting the wildlife.

We encourage visitors to Nkomba and to that end have had and will continue to have functions under the beautiful fig tree at the picnic spot, not to mention walks along Sea Bean Trail starting from Nkomba and continuing along the Makamati Trail (another natural area in Pennington managed by the Conservancy).

The Conservancy has also spent a great deal of money in Nkomba and along the Makamati Trail and this, in addition to our environmental endeavours, we believe, confirms our commitment to keeping Pennington ‘clean and green’ for the benefit of all.

To achieve this, we have had to make some decisions that may not be seen as necessary and / or popular by all, and one of these, is to keep dogs on a lead at all times when visiting any natural area, including Nkomba and / or Makamati.

We would like to reiterate that dogs are more than welcome, but it would be appreciated if they could be kept on a lead for the safety of all visitors, not to mention the resident wildlife.

In addition, please remove all dog excrement. It is rather sad that we have to send out a communication such as this, particularly as most dog owners are considerate and sensitive, but there are always the few… Please keep your dogs on a lead when out enjoying the sights and sounds of Pennington – Surely that is not too much to ask?


Pennington Conservancy Committee

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