A flourish of green in Amahlongwa

Amahlongwa Primary School principal Mrs Ngcobo, educators, CPW workers and Slindile Kweyama from the Department of Agriculture at the school’s garden. Photos: Zamafuze Melodious Nyuswa.

The Department of Agriculture visited two gardens in Amahlongwa, on Tuesday, August 8 as part of its One Garden One Home and Food Security project.

Amahlongwa Primary School has a luxuriant garden to help the school’s feeding scheme.

Earlier this year the school received seedlings from the Department of Agriculture which have been put to good use.

School principal Mrs Ngcobo said that the school is grateful for the help from the department as they are able to keep their garden green all the time.

Mr Sibiya shows Slindile Kweyama from the Department of Agriculture his flourishing garden.

“Our school started its garden project in 2013 when I first arrived and we have not looked back since. We are assisted by the CWP to help maintain the garden.

This year we received spinach, green pepper, beetroot, carrot and cabbage seedlings and we thank the department for them.” 58 year old Mr Sibiya has a deep love of gardening and his green garden is proof of that.

He makes his living from selling produce such as tomatoes, spinach, beetroot and bananas which flourish under his green fingers.

“This is my livelihood, which not only keeps me busy, but also ensures that I have a plate of food at the end of the day. I plant vegetables and some fruits which I sell to make a living.

“I also run a nursery, but I don’t concentrate so much on that. My biggest challenge at the moment is marketing my produce.

“Although schools do show an interest every now and again, they are usually seasonal buyers and I need to be able to get buyers to whom I can supply continuously.

“My other challenge is fencing and water. I would like to have secure fencing to keep the livestock away from my produce,” said Mr Sibiya.

Like Amahlongwa Primary School, Mr Sibiya is guided by the Department of Agriculture advisor Slindile Kweyama, who assured him that the relevant authorities would be informed to see if assistance could be sought for Mr Sibiya.

Anybody wanting to buy vegetable and seedling plants can contact Mr Sibiya on 071-0948-446.

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