Umkomaas man stands trial for dealing in heroin

A young man from Roseneath appeared in District Court 2 at the Scottburgh Magistrates’ Court during the first phase of his trial for dealing in, alternatively, possession of, 35 capsules of heroin.

In evidence before the court, Detective Constable Giani of the Umkomaas SAPS, related how a tip-off from an unnamed source had resulted in his searching a house in Roseneath, where he discovered a plastic bag containing the heroin, hidden inside a metal curtain rod in the accused’s bedroom.

During the search he also discovered a bag containing R1 760 in cash and a packet containing R3 810 in cash, in the accused’s car.

The accused denied any knowledge of the heroin and could not provide a reasonable explanation for the cash found. He was accordingly arrested and taken to the Umkomaas Police Station to be charged.

Defence Attorney Maharaj asked whether any DNA testing of the plastic bag containing the heroin had been performed to determine the presence of finger prints, and Constable Giani admitted that this had not been done, nor could he confirm whether the money found had been returned to the accused.

Attorney Maharaj then asked whether Constable Giani was aware that a week before his arrest, the accused had been away from home when five family members from Pietermaritzburg had stayed in the house and that any of these people, as well as the accused’s own parents and brother, could have had access to his bedroom while he was away. Constable Giani admitted that he was aware of this fact.

Attorney Maharaj then asked whether it was reasonable to assume that simply because an illegal substance had been found in the accused‘s room, that the substance must therefore belong to him.

Constable Giani stated that he believed that this was a reasonable assumption.

The trial will continue on September 18.

MSCRS Reporter

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