Why were advertised Umdoni Municipality posts frozen?

That is the very promising long term goal of our municipality. Just when we thought everything was doom and gloom, the Human Resource Department surprised us by blessing us with a number of posts for which we and young people in particular, can apply.
I was at once very impressed by Miss Mbatha (HR Manager) for doing something that we have long been long awaiting.
When these posts were published in the Rising Sun newspaper three weeks ago, I had to confirm these with some of the employees and other politicians within Umdoni and surprisingly it was all true.
  As I was about to congratulate the management of HR and council members for what they were doing for their community, I was disappointed.
Could they please inform us, as the youth of the community under Umdoni’s  jurisdiction, what led them to freeze the posts that had been advertised and they must not even try to mislead us with those “financial constraints” famous lines, because one cannot advertise posts without having a budget to accommodate the future employees.
Could   they please confirm if it is true that the political squabbling between the camps within the municipality led to the posts being frozen?
Our municipality is continually testing the patience of the youth of Umdoni, because we are aware that 70% of the staff at Umdoni consists of deployees.
We are, therefore, becoming very impatient with Miss Mbatha and the councillors from the ruling party as they are the masterminds when it comes to the deployment of their incompetent comrades.
That is why we fail to understand how staff members and some managers are underperforming dismally, yet they are not brought to account.
I suppose that the signing of performance agreement forms is just for following protocol and procedures, but when a crisis does arise, the implementation processes just disappear like magic.
As for the opposition parties, this fiasco happens right under their noses.
They are only interested in protecting the interests of the capitalists in the urban areas.
Not once have I ever heard of them mobilising for the interests of the poor in the rural areas.
We, as the graduates in Wards 14 and 15, are still engaging on the way forward, in terms of solving the mess that has been caused by these so-called leaders.
By the end of next month, we will have concrete solutions on what needs to be done to solve this banana republic Municipality that is led by managers who make irrational decisions that only benefit the elite, while we, as the masses, are never recognised.
We need representatives from the other wards in Umdoni, as they are also victims of these circumstances, to come on board so that they will be aware of what is being proposed.
Their ideas will also be welcomed as long as they are not politically influenced or infested with narrow agendas. Whatever we have currently on plate, is constitutionally driven and consists of complex strategies and facts.
Therefore, we will spot opportunists in the blink of an eye.
 For the fact that there are initiatives that will be in place no one must dare to come and try to score political points to us cause they will be not welcomed, ruling or opposition parties, none, the only support that will be welcomed is those of associations and NGOs cause confidence in political parties are now detached as far as we are concerned.
The only time there will be a need for political party representatives interventions is when a handing over of a memorandum to the executive office barriers because we won’t have a choice, they will be the only one whom will hand over to.
We won’t take any clown seriously because we tried to entertain them but they failed as the youth.
Those graduates and matriculants who are unemployed must contact me via email([email protected]) or cell-phone(0782408871) as we will be having youth meetings in all the wards in community halls within Umdoni  to discuss this issue further.
Please note that this initiative is not politically influenced therefore political representative would not be welcomed to address in any manner the meetings will be scheduled once all the necessary resources are in place.
• Letter shortened – Editor
Xolani Ntini

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