Police seize 400 whoonga capsules, 6 mandrax tablets – accused in court

A 32-year-old man appears in the Port Shepstone Magistrates’ Court, on  September 7, on charges of unlawful possession of heroin and mandrax.

He was arrested on Wednesday, September 6, at 1pm at the Murchisson taxi rank when police seized 400 capsules of heroin (whoonga) and six mandrax tablets that had allegedly been found in his possession.

Warrant Officer Johan Terreblanche and Constable Kethukuthula Nkomo of the Port Shepstone SAPS K9 unit worked with members of Crime Intelligence to follow up on information received and pounced on Nyawuza.

The case is being investigated by Constable Luleka Holweni of the Port Shepstone SAPS Detective Service.


Captain Vincent Pandarum : SAPS Communication Officer

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