Car park resurfacing questionable

Scottburgh beach

Last Monday I decided to take my flu bug with me on a cycle, hoping that a rough ride would dislodge the annoying bug that had seemingly taken up permanent residence in my body.

My plan did not work, but upon reaching the Scottburgh beach, the sight that met my eyes got my temperature rising. The swimming pool was in the process of being emptied and there were no warning signs in evidence, nor were there any beach officials present. There were four workers leaning against the railing having their breakfast or tea break at about 9h30.

How long ago was it that there was a fatality when the pool was being emptied? I hope that history is not going to repeat itself!

This past Friday I again found myself approaching the beach after crossing the Mpambanyoni River bridge and then cycling up the back road towards the Super Tube.

As I reached the car park between the river and the Blue Marlin Hotel, I was amazed to see machinery and workmen in the process of re-surfacing this car park that is hardly ever used. I decided there and then that I would have a rant in this week’s column complaining of poor prioritisation by the powers that be!

This is an under-utilized parking facility and why this car park should be resurfaced struck me as odd. Whilst enjoying a cup of coffee in the howling easterly wind, I noticed that the main swimming pool was still empty! Upon closer inspection, a section of the pool was covered in green slime and the state of the pool bottom, although devoid of water, would not encourage me to have a dip in the pool when the pool was eventually filled.

My mood had not improved at all, but, as I cycled up from the lower parking to reach the road leading to the caravan park, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the entire beach parking, from the entrance to the caravan park to the northern area adjacent to the Super Tube, was in the process of being resurfaced!

At long last the powers that be seemed to have realised the importance of good parking facilities at such a high-profile area. A little bird whispered to me that the acting Municipal Manager is probably the one who is responsible for initiating this much-needed revamp of the beach car park. If this is so, I, on behalf of many, thank him most sincerely for a job well done.

A reader from Umzinto who resides in the vicinity of the Schola Amoris School, sent an email complaining that early on Saturday morning a small red helicopter was flying around Umzinto Heights at a very low altitude, from about 6.30 to 8.30.

No Saturday sleep-in was possible because of the racket made by the helicopter. There is certainly a minimum height restriction for aircraft, especially over residential areas.

If this was a training exercise, then it would have been even more important for the novice pilot to maintain a Safe height over the area. The South African Air Force used to run training flights from Umzinto to Scottburgh at night and these aircraft certainly seemed to be flying lower than the prescribed flight levels.

The noise was deafening and I recall having to turn up the volume on our television set as the helicopters passed over Scottburgh South.

The Civil Aviation Authority would probably be interested to hear from readers living in the area.

Henry Parsons

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