“La Vie en Rose” at the URV

Songbird Supreme Vanessa Tait-Jones, Piano virtuoso Rita de Klerk and Violinist Extraordinaire, Marianna Eriksen will be presenting ”La Vie en Rose” at the Umdoni Retirement Village Hall on Sunday, September 10, at 4pm.

On SUNDAY, September 10, violinist extraordinaire Marianna, pianist virtuoso Rita and songbird supreme Vanessa will be hosting “La Vie en Rose” – which means “Life in Pink”; an evening of French classical music at the Umdoni Retirement Village in Pennington, opposite Selborne.

Items will include the beautiful piece “La Vie en Rose” itself by Guglielmi, as well as Rita playing Debussy’s “Reflections in the Water, Vanessa singing “The Jewel Song” from the opera ‘Faust’ and Marianna and Rita presenting Ravel’s magical “Vocalise” (En forme De Habanera).

Tickets are R60 per person and include a glass of sherry at 3.30pm, with the show starting at 4pm.

You can book your ticket at the RAC Office at Umdoni Village between the hours of 9 and 11am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please remember that you cannot book seats for any Umdoni Shows over the phone – it’s seats for cash!

So if you know any friendly Villagers and you can’t get to the Village, ‘phone them and ask them to buy the tickets for you and leave them at the door on the day/ night of the function.

This is going to be such a beautiful evening and, apart from the wonderful talents of our three Divas, there is an extra treat for the audience with two guest artistes, Michelle Davey and ballerina Claire Farrimond.

Don’t miss this one!

It’s expected to be a sellout!

MSCRS Reporter

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