Two children die as sand bank collapses

The Amahlongwa community is shocked by the tragic deaths of two children While they were making a hole in a sand bank the sand bank collapsed killing them.

On Wednesday, September 6, at about 10.45am four children who were playing on the Amahlongwa River bank, were digging a hole in the loose river sand.

Apparently, while two children were in the hole the sand bank around them collapsed and the they were buried in the sand.

The other two children ran to seek assistance.

Police have reported that the two children who were trapped in the sand had died.

They were 8 years old. “An inquest docket has been opened and the incident is being investigated,” said Capt Shaik.

The Umkomaas Station Commander has sounded a word of caution to parents, guardians, caregivers and child minders to exercise care and to ensure that little children are not exposed to dangerous situations.

If parents or adults in charge of children are found to be negligent, they could face criminal charges.

MSCRS Reporter

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