ANC responds to DA allegations

The ANC Lower South Coast has noted the allegations of the DA regarding the UGU District Municipality.  These are not new but are a repeat of the same allegations made some time ago.

The media and the public will recall the so called  “Mass March” which they tried to organise against the UGU District Municipality and its management.

Despite widespread advertising and social media attention, not more than 120 people participated, with a significant number of those people being SAPS members, media representatives and curious bystanders.

Their attempt to embarrass the UGU District Municipality failed.

We see this as another desperate attempt by an otherwise toothless political party to remain in the media spotlight.

The ANC remains committed to improved service delivery to all our people within the region.

We are fully aware of the challenges faced by the municipality in its efforts to provide water and sanitation to all corners of the region and in particular to the previously disadvantaged areas.

To this end, the municipality has taken steps to minimise water disruptions by renewing the ageing infrastructure in the most affected areas.

The success of the ANC-led municipalities has led to growth and a demand for increased water and sanitation services  in the region.

Our plans for the upgrades  have been made public and work is currently under way, the DA is fully aware of this.     With  regards their comments about Radical Economic Transformation, we are fully aware that the DA is not interested in Radical Economic transformation because it is not on the DA’s agenda to help poor black South Africans out of poverty.

As the ANC we remain committed to uplifting the lives of all South Africans, poor black South Africans in particular. We recognize that much more needs to be done.

We will continue knocking on the doors of power to ensure a better life for all South Africans, politically, socially and economically.  Whilst the politically bankrupt  DA spin doctor  is good at toy toying on the keyboard and making press statements, the ANC led UGU District Municipality continues to effect positive change in the lives of ordinary people throughout  the region.

The recent Provincial awards won by UGU bear testimony to the hard work, commitment and dedication of the UGU District Municipality.

Selvan Chetty

Regional Spokesperson ANC Lower South Coast

Selvan Chetty

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