Awards for ex Schola Amoris learners

Awards for ex Schola Amoris learners

It is believed that learners with special needs can never achieve, but on August 25, 2017, everything changed. Sandile Mkhize (on the right) left Schola Amoris in December 2014 and went to I CAN, a Skills Training Centre for children with disabilities. Mongezi Makhaza (on the left), left in 2013 and also joined I CAN.

Their passion was rewarded when they were awarded certificates for Domestic Service.

Their parents were so supportive and were able to encourage and motivate them to pursue their dreams.

Thank you to all the teachers at Schola Amoris, who work tirelessly with these learners, ensuring that they achieve their goals.

A special thank you to Maria Maam (Centre), for her outstanding support.

MSCRS Reporter

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