Disruption at Umdoni council meeting

The monthly council meeting of Umdoni Municipality held at the Scottburgh Town Hall commenced at 10am as per the notice of meeting on Wednesday, October 25.  At around 11.15am a group of young people entered the hall and occupied the visitors seats at the back of the hall.

After about half an hour this group became vocal and walked towards the stage and demanded to address the Council for ten minutes. Whilst this group were shouting and engaging with some councillors, and without any official adjournment  most of the Councillors left the hall and went to have tea in the adjoining dining hall. At this point SAPS and Umdoni Protection Services were called. The group who called themselves  UNFAIR  DEPLOYMENT ASSOCIATION are extremely critically of Umdoni’s  recruitment  practices.

They claim to represent a large population of unhappy people. They left peacefully and it has been reported that some official attended to them in the board room. When the Protection Services arrived the Council meeting had resumed after a stormy tea break.

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