IFP: Stokvel clubs must be careful

The Inkatha Freedom Party in KwaZulu-Natal urges Stokvel clubs to be careful as criminals are targeting them in this time of the year.

“It is an undisputed fact that around this time of the year, Stokvel clubs divide the money they have saved up amongst themselves.
In recent years, members of such organisations have been targeted by criminals and they are therefore being urged to share their funds electronically instead of carrying large amounts of cash on them to prevent it being stolen.

Often criminals get to know about it or someone within the club might be the person behind the robbery. They follow them to the bank and rob them after they have withdrawn the money,” said IFP KZN Provincial Spokesperson on Community Safety and Liaison, Mr Blessed Gwala MPL.

  “Members of the community, especially women involved in Stokvels, should not carry large amounts of cash on them but should make use of electronic cash transfers.

“The community must be careful while shopping and be attentive to what is around them and if anyone might be following them.
Using your card instead of carrying cash around when possible is another way to avoid becoming a target of criminals,” continued Mr Gwala.

“In addition, we would like to caution people about ATM card fraud. Card swopping’ is the most common form of this type of fraud, where suspects target ATM users . Criminals use various methods to “manipulate and distract ATM users” to gain access to their bank cards and PIN numbers,” concluded Mr Gwala.


Blessed Gwala MPL

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