Our municipality is going down the drain, thanks to the current leadership

Umdoni Municipality, Scottburgh

Greetings to the editor and the community of UGU district and the external community at large.

It is time once again to commence with our New Year resolutions. The time has come once again for one to do what is called rectification of the injustice that is suffered by the voiceless, the uninformed, the vulnerable, the victimised, the oppressed and the excluded residents of Umdoni.

It is very sad that the public is witnessing torture on a daily basis by the same people elected into power, not realising that those same people will view them as hostile citizens.

Umdoni is a very rich municipality in terms of tourist attractions, revenue collection, business potential and investment capability. Thanks to the current leadership of our municipality, all of the above are going down the drain.

Our once beautiful town (Scottburgh) is slowly becoming a ghost town and the surrounding areas are drastically becoming a nightmare for tourists and are trapping people in their own homes.

No matter how hard one tries to ignore the failures of our municipality, it simply becomes impossible. For the last six months of 2017, we tried to secure appointments with the management of Umdoni but to date that has been impossible.

The two youth councillors of the ruling party, Cllr Ngwane and Cllr Hlongwa, both of whom are youth champions, tried unsuccessfully to assist us in securing a meeting with the mayor.

The mayor abandoned us, at the last minute, in the boardroom at Umdoni Municipality.

We are aware that the mayor uses the same tactics of ducking and diving when it comes to meeting with concerned residents of the municipality.

We want to assure the community of Umdoni that there will be no council meetings taking place any time soon if the mayor does not meet with us before this month’s council meeting.

We have been patient long enough and we have all the records to prove our requests, especially for those who are disrespectful hooligans. Therefore we are pleading with the police to hear both sides of the story before taking any action when that special day comes, because the police are the only neutral mediators when it comes to problem-solving at Umdoni.

We are not scared of Umdoni’s law enforcement, Umdoni’s outsourced security guards and the so-called bodyguards of the mayor. If they dare to touch us, they must do so if they can answer our questions.

What we are doing is not for fun or for some popularity-seeking adventure tactics.

We are doing this because we are concerned about our municipality which is collapsing under the leadership of our mayor.

We are doing this for the residents of this municipality, for the future councillors, for the future managers and the future generations of this municipality.

We will not blame those who are attacking us because it may be due to their crippled academic capabilities, their narrow, toxic mindsets or their criminally challenged perceptions. Thank you to those ANC councillors who stopped our mayor from spending R3 million on a fruitless beach festival.

There is a 60% unemployment rate among the young people in our municipality. Our roads have become what I call a “potholes paradise” and some residents at Amandawe have become destitute because their houses were demolished in exchange for RDP houses, only to find out that the contractor is no longer around to build those houses for them. We will be having a meeting soon at Amandawe Hall.

We are pleading with the community to attend it so that we can present the facts to them and inform them about the way forward.

The date will be confirmed in due course.

Xolani Ntini

Chairperson – Anti-Deployment Association

Xolani Ntini

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