Umdoni ANC councillors should go to Cape Town on a fact-finding tour

Ismail Moolla

I have come to the conclusion that municipalities controlled by the ANC are failures. We hear that in all parts of South Africa, municipalities administered by the ANC are being verbally criticized and attacked in correspondence and in the media for failing to attend to the legitimate complaints of ratepayers and residents.

I recently returned from a two-week stay in the mother city, Cape Town and I was astonished to see the city, clean as a whistle, so to speak. I drove to Simonstown through the suburbs and the Cape Flats. The streets were clean and the road verges and parks and gardens were well trimmed and attended to.

According to Cape Town residents I spoke to, the Cape Town Municipality has a programme in place specifying where and when work should be done, and no one needs to complain. There is a works supervisor who comes and checks on what work has been done. He is respected by the workers and they know their positions.

Take the areas of Clifton, Bantry Bay, Camps Bay, Moulle Point, Sea Point and Green Point. They resemble gardens. Everything is systematically done to provide services here. I read the Cape Town newspapers, The Cape Argus and The Cape Times, daily. I did not come across one complaint regarding lack of service delivery, as we read in our KZN newspapers. Even going as far as Wellington, Paarl, Worster, Malmsbury, Paarden Island and Kraafontein, wherever I went, I saw flower gardens.

The workers were attending to gardens, parks etc, and seemed to be dedicated and proud of their towns and cities. I may be singing a song of glorifying Cape Town and the other towns, but this is a fact.

The state of affairs which we see in Durban, or other parts of KZN, indicates that workers in KZN simply do not want to work and many councils are incompetent and do not know how to administer their affairs.

I also noted that wherever there are informal traders in the Cape Town streets, the surroundings are kept clean throughout the day, and after the day’s trading, before leaving, they deposit their litter in bins.

The city by-laws are undoubtedly strict and offenders are dealt with harshly. Cape Town is really a place to live. It is no wonder that people from other areas of South Africa are moving there. When one is in Cape Town, the feeling is that one is in another country. Who has been responsible for making Cape Town what it is?

The Democratic Alliance (DA) of the Western Cape has made the difference. If the ANC were administering Cape Town’s affairs, the city would not be what it is. I doubt if road verges, parks and gardens would be kept in the way they are. Look at our town, Umzinto, administered by the ANC majority council. It is a crying shame.

I am of the view that the Umdoni ANC councillors should go to Cape Town on a fact-finding tour.

They should see the condition of the Mother City and all the other towns.

They should keep their eyes peeled to see the cleanliness, if they understand what cleanliness is. In their minds, the ANC is the party of the people, but it is only for votes and not to provide service delivery.

Come on so-called Mayor Thabani Dube, you must make the first move so that you can learn how to administer Umdoni Municipality, and not sit in your cosy chair in your office and wait for the 25th of the month to receive your fat cheque, provided by the ratepayers. This is highly immoral.

You have allowed yourself to worship money. Tell me that I am wrong. In KZN, the complaints about potholes are first on the complaints list. Cape Town is free of potholes.

In fact, I was looking for potholes, but could find only a few small potholes on De Vaal Drive, high up on the mountain slopes. The people’s slogan in Cape Town is: The ANC steals from the state coffers and robs the people.

This is in reference to the increase in VAT from 14% to 15%. An open letter to the Mayor of Umdoni Municipality: Thabani Dube

Dear Mr Dube I have noted the press report in the Rising Sun (February 27-March 5, 2018) “Mayor lambastes senior managers”, which makes me boil.

I am really surprised Mayor Dube that you have reprimanded certain general managers, by stating that Umdoni’s image was being tarnished as the public was watching and reports in the media portrayed the municipality in a bad light

. It seems you have awakened from your long, deep slumbers. Come on Mayor Dube, the bad image of Umdoni has been a fact for some time.

There has been so much adverse publicity regarding Umzinto and other entities of Umdoni, and the street lighting, damaged roads, bad drainage and potholes that are now dongas. Mayor Dube, why did you fail to check what the managers and the general staff were doing? I have challenged you many times, but you simply did not have the guts to face me. The saying is, if the head is not right, the body suffers. Yes. If the leadership is not good, one cannot expect the staff to function competently. You and your ANC council are responsible for all the mismanagement at Umdoni. Umzinto is the perfect example.

From the outset, you Mayor Dube were fully responsible for all your managers and the general staff. You should have cracked the whip much earlier. Why are you shifting the blame from yourself onto the staff? For your information Mayor Dube, Umdoni Municipality is regarded as a joke by the citizens of Umdoni.

Every day one hears ratepayers and residents making jokes. The solution lies in your and your ANC council’s resignation.

You had the chance, but failed to administer. There is a need for you, as mayor, to ask the KZN government to place Umdoni Municipality under administration. It is the best thing that could happen Mayor Dube. Think about it.

Ismail M Moolla

•Letter Shortened

Ismail Moolla

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