Council disgusted with no show by bid committees

Umdoni Municipality, Scottburgh

In what could be described as an unprecedented attack on his staff, Umdoni Mayor Dube stated that it was most unacceptable that staff serving on bid committees could not attend the Bid Evaluation Committee for a tender that closed in November 2016.

Apparently the tender was for service delivery projects such as road maintenance. Senior management advised the Umdoni Council Exco Meeting on Wednesday March 22, that bid meetings were inquorate and had to be cancelled.

Those who know the history of Umdoni Municipality will concede that these are strange happenings that would have never occurred in the past.

Unfortunately this is an indictment on the commitment of staff and management in a very serious service delivery matter. The Mayor was scathing in his comments when he requested that the recalcitrant officials be replaced.

“How can it be, that most of the officials are in the same building yet cannot attend the meeting,” said the Mayor.

With no sense of urgency and no co-operation this is akin to a crime.

The Mayor “instructed” that officials convene the Bid Evaluation Committee on Thursday March 23 and Bid Adjudication Committee on Friday March 24.

There were no objections.

Equally perturbed by the turn of events, Councillors nodded in agreement with the Mayor’s sentiments

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