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UGU Cluster commemorates women’s month

The Mercury Hibberdene Children’s Holiday Home, was the perfect venue for the UGU Cluster Women’s Network to host its women’s month commemoration function.

Malangeni Protest

In the pictures are disgruntled ANC voters from Malangeni’s Ward 7,8 and 9 who took to the streets on Monday, May 16 ahead of the Local Government Service Delivery 16-year-celebration at the Malangeni ground. Like the other marches in Umzinto the community is in dispute over the ANC candidates list. The unauthorised march was quelled…

Umdoni roads messed up

Scottburgh Road dug up by UguA driveway in Scottburgh covered by rubble left by Ugu workersA huge hole dug up in Scottburgh and left uncovered by UguUgu's doing in ScottburghAnother of Ugu's handiwork in ScottburghJacaranda Road in Umzinto is almost inaccessible with the many potholes which fill the entire road. For years residents have pleaded...