Zumba ladies on the walk

Ladies join in on the fun as Liz does a zumba demonstration after the walk held in support of Child Welfare on Freedom Day.

Milestone signing of MOU between Crookes Brothers Limited and KwaCele community

 Friday, 13 May 2016 was an historic moment for development on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, with a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) being signed between landowners and the local KwaCele community. After months of thorough discussion and collaboration, Crookes Brothers Limited – the majority shareholder in Renishaw Property Developments – and leaders from the KwaCele community, compiled a comprehensive MOU which provides for a harmonious partnership extending into the future.  As outlined in the MOU, Crookes Brothers Limited will assist with a number of capacity building programmes for the KwaCele community, as well as entrepreneurial skills’ development. This will empower the community to fully participate in all decision-making and public processes while ensuring that the broad economic development that is generated will be directly translated into poverty alleviation. Images: Mia Morison

Umzinto Primary School is falling down

RANKED as a quintile five school, Umzinto Primary School is far from a well to do school. The view of the school from the outside belies the dilapidation found within. From falling gutters, loose floorboards, broken windows, missing light fittings, hanging gutters, broken doors and an endless list of dilapidation, the school epitomizes neglect.

Protestors set Umdoni alight

PROTEST action has kept the SAPS in Umzinto and Malangeni busy from Sunday, May 22 till early Monday morning, May 23 as protesters blocked roads and burned tyres. Schools and businesses were closed and motorists could not use the main road in Umzinto till after 9am when some of the roads were cleared by Umdoni Disaster Management.

Malangeni Protest

In the pictures are disgruntled ANC voters from Malangeni’s Ward 7,8 and 9 who took to the streets on Monday, May 16 ahead of the Local Government Service Delivery 16-year-celebration at the Malangeni ground. Like the other marches in Umzinto the community is in dispute over the ANC candidates list. The unauthorised march was quelled…

Umdoni roads messed up

Scottburgh Road dug up by UguA driveway in Scottburgh covered by rubble left by Ugu workersA huge hole dug up in Scottburgh and left uncovered by UguUgu's doing in ScottburghAnother of Ugu's handiwork in ScottburghJacaranda Road in Umzinto is almost inaccessible with the many potholes which fill the entire road. For years residents have pleaded...

Freedom Day at Crocworld Conservation Centre

A number of holiday makers and out of town visitors flocked to Crocworld Conservation Centre on Freedom Day to visit the park’s iconic animals such as Henry, the oldest Nile crocodile in captivity, and Isis the Fish Eagle. The centre boasts an impressive array of birds, a large walk-through aviary and thrilling snake and reptile…