Scottburgh Court Round-up

Two males charged with theft from Food Lovers Market in the Scottburgh Mall, failed to appear in court on October 12. Warrants for their arrests were issued.

Scottburgh Court Round-up

In Regional Court 4, an accused male was sentenced to 30 years in prison for robbery

Scottburgh Court Round-up

A 29 year old deaf casual labourer pleaded guilty to possession of 23 g of dagga. He was fined R600 or 30 days in prison, suspended for 3 years.

Woman alleges rape

Police are appealing to residents in especially isolated areas to ensure that their windows are properly closed and doors locked

Fleeing burglars nabbed on N2

It is alleged that burglars had forced the door of a house in David Road, Pennington and gained entry

Scottburgh Court Round-up

A young male facing 2 charges of housebreaking and theft, 1 charge of trespassing and 1 charge of possession of 2 capsules of heroin, pleaded guilty to the drug charge but not guilty to the other 3 charges.

Hijacking in Umkomaas

Two unknown men in blue overalls and balaclavas got out of the white VW and approached his vehicle from both sides.

Case for rape suspect remanded

It is alleged that a 26-year-old woman was with three men at a tavern in Malangeni on Sunday, September 13, and at 3.30pm she decided to spend the night at a friend’s house.

Suspected drug dealer acquitted

He stated that the money belonged to his parents, who ran a tuck shop, but he had denied any knowledge of the drugs.