Condition of Umdoni deteriorating

A few years ago, I fell, when I stepped into a hole in the pavement in Scott St, Scottburgh, resulting in a disc being displaced in my back.

Umzinto is turning into a rubbish dump

History reveals that every stage of social development is marked by violence. People have long advocated the use of violence to counter the violence of others.

Nobody gives a damn about the town

The one stop sign is facing in the wrong direction at the intersection near the recycling bins and could cause an accident.

The South African Airways debacle

The whole country must take a stand against this happening. The corruption seekers must not be allowed to get their greasy hands on R10 billion. I advocate that SA Airways sells its fleet of aeroplanes.

Alexandra Park thankful for donation

At the end of the day’s festivities, Alfa Omega Charity Fund directors, Gert and Marianna Janse Van Rensburg presented a cheque for R15 000 – which they had raised for Alex Park.

Good Samaritans clear road

Only one vehicle could squeeze through at a time and this posed a safety hazard to both motorists and pedestrians.

Operation “Tyred Of Neglect” has started

This ongoing failure to allocate sufficient resources to infrastructure maintenance in areas that are paying rates, is likely to end in rates boycotts with subsequent diminished revenues.