Sezela third reunion planned

The Reunion Committee is appealing to all persons, families and others connected to Sezela to send their contributions for a place in the souvenir brochure that is currently being prepared by the Brochure Committee.
Herman Mashaba for president

Herman Mashaba for president

We can achieve our goals, hold our heads up high again and start winning again. He could improve the condition of millions of people, and we can start winning again on the sport fields around the world.
Scottburgh CPF reports back on September meeting

Letter of demand to the Mayor of Umdoni

The ratepayers of Umdoni have paid their rates religiously for the past 20 years, only to experience annual increases and diminished services.
Sezela banquet takes a walk down memory lane

Sezela banquet takes a walk down memory lane

The aim of the Sezela Reunion Committee is to unite and honour every person who has lived and been a part of the Sezela communities – even those who moved away years ago.

ANC responds to DA allegations

Despite widespread advertising and social media attention, not more than 120 people participated, with a significant number of those people being SAPS members, media representatives and curious bystanders.