Good Samaritans clear road

Only one vehicle could squeeze through at a time and this posed a safety hazard to both motorists and pedestrians.

Operation “Tyred Of Neglect” has started

This ongoing failure to allocate sufficient resources to infrastructure maintenance in areas that are paying rates, is likely to end in rates boycotts with subsequent diminished revenues.
“Hearty meal and party T-shirt won’t guarantee my vote”

“Hearty meal and party T-shirt won’t guarantee my vote”

I read an interesting item in a recent Sunday paper. In essence it stated that all the ‘bright’ people in government employment – (I suppose that they mean those who actually worked for their academic degrees) work for SARS; to get the tax money in. Those of lesser worth are employed by all other departments…

Sezela third reunion planned

The Reunion Committee is appealing to all persons, families and others connected to Sezela to send their contributions for a place in the souvenir brochure that is currently being prepared by the Brochure Committee.
Herman Mashaba for president

Herman Mashaba for president

We can achieve our goals, hold our heads up high again and start winning again. He could improve the condition of millions of people, and we can start winning again on the sport fields around the world.